Mydayis Works

Extended release of medication
from just one capsule.

When it comes to Mydayis, you shouldn’t just know what it is — Mixed Amphetamine Salts (MAS) — but also how it works.

Mydayis is the first ADHD treatment to offer triple-bead delivery for the extended release of medication. Each capsule contains equal amounts of 3 different types of beads—two of which are made with different delayed-release coatings—designed to offer drug delivery through the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Each capsule contains equal amounts of 3 types of beads.

One Mydayis capsule contains three types of release beads
ADHD medication immediate-release bead

Our immediate-release beads provide medication right after your daily dose and for the next few hours.

Delayed-release bead

Our first type of delayed-release beads continue to provide midday medication.

The final release bead

Our second type of delayed-release beads provide medication release into the evening.

Extended release of medication

Mydayis is the first MAS treatment to feature triple-bead delivery for extended release of medication through the morning, afternoon and evening. That means just one dose of Mydayis offered similar medication levels as a MAS extended-release (ER) capsule followed by a MAS immediate-release (IR) capsule 8 hours later, like shown in the chart below.

MYDAYIS reduced dips in medication level. Mean concentration over 24 hours chart

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