Side Effects

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Most common side effects reported in adults (18 to 55 years) during the four-, six-, and seven-week clinical trials.

Side effects of Mydayis
Potential Side Effects of Mydayis

Most common side effects reported in pediatric patients (13 to 17 years) were decreased appetite (22% Mydayis, 6% placebo), insomnia (8%, 3%), nausea (8%, 4%), irritability (6%, 3%), and decreased weight (5%, 1%).

Long-term safety of Mydayis was studied for 12 months and side effects were similar to those seen in short-term studies. Medication for ADHD may be needed for an extended period of time. Your doctor may periodically re-evaluate the long-term need for Mydayis and adjust your dose as needed. Chat with your doctor if you have questions.