for teens with ADHD?

Because a study showed that once-daily Mydayis
provided improved attention in ADHD up to 16 hours
after dosing, measured from 2 hours.
Because your teen’s day with ADHD doesn’t end early.

That’s why Mydayis.

Talking with your teen’s doctor

Mydayis was approved for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in patients 13 years and older in June 2017, so your healthcare provider may not have been aware of it when your teen had their last appointment. Mydayis is not for children 12 years and younger. Here are some possible conversation starters for your next appointment to help you and their healthcare provider determine if Mydayis may be right for your teen.

Walk through your teen's daily schedule and activities. Let their doctor know when they may need help with symptoms.
Talk about your teen's struggle with symptoms during the day. How are they managing the different aspects of their day?
Ask about different ADHD treatment options. Discuss how your teen's current ADHD management plan is working for them.

Complete the
doctor discussion guide with your teen.
Make notes. Take it with you.

Download the doctor discussion guide and talk with your teen's doctor

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