Study Results

Long-acting Mydayis improved attention in teens up to 16 hours after dosing, measured from 2 hours.

Study Results

Better attention for up to 16 hours

after dosing, measured from 2 hours, vs placebo in patients aged 13 to 17

After taking Mydayis 25 mg, teens experienced greater attention in ADHD when measured from hours 2-16 compared to teens who took placebo.

PERMP Total Score Over Time

LS Mean=least squares mean
LS Mean is a method that was used to measure the change in attention score.

Attention in ADHD was measured using the Permanent Product Measure of Performance (PERMP), which is a skill-adjusted math test. The PERMP score is the sum of the number of math problems attempted plus the number of math problems answered correctly in a 10-minute session. Higher scores indicate better attention.


Who should not take Mydayis?

Do not take Mydayis if you or your child is:

  • allergic to amphetamine or any of the ingredients in Mydayis. See Medication Guide for a list of ingredients.
  • taking or have taken a medicine for depression (monoamine oxidase inhibitor [MAOI]) within the past 14 days.

Reduced ADHD symptoms

After 4 weeks of treatment, patients aged 13-17 on Mydayis experienced significant reduction in ADHD symptoms compared to patients aged 13-17 on a placebo.

Patient symptoms of ADHD were evaluated using the ADHD Rating Scale, an 18-item scale used by doctors to grade the frequency and severity of ADHD symptoms. Symptom frequency and severity is rated on a four-point scale, ranging from 0 (none) to 3 (very often).


Serious problems can occur while taking Mydayis. Tell your HCP:

  • if you or your child have heart problems, heart defects, high blood pressure, or a family history of these problems. Sudden death has occurred in people with heart problems or defects taking stimulant medicines. Sudden death, stroke and heart attack have happened in adults taking stimulant medicines. Your HCP should check you or your child carefully for heart problems before starting Mydayis. Since increases in blood pressure and heart rate may occur, your HCP should regularly check these during treatment. Call your HCP or go to the ER right away if you or your child has any signs of heart problems such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or fainting while taking Mydayis.
Significant reduction in ADHD symptoms